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Material Plane Documentation

Welcome to the Material Plane documentation.

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Material Plane is a Foundry VTT module that allows physical minis to be tracked by Foundry when using a horizontally mounted TV. This allows you to bring the joy of physical minis into Foundry.

There are currently 2 ways to track minis:

Material Plane sensor

The system consists of an IR sensor, and IR enabled mini bases. These bases contain IR LEDs that are tracked by the sensor. The sensor then relays this information to foundry over WiFi, where the information is interpreted as token movement.
You can use any TV, monitor or projector for this.
There is a pre-assembled and advanced version of the hardware for sale on the Material Foundry webshop, or it is possible to build DIY hardware.

Touch Screen

There is currently experimental support for touch screen devices. Either capacitive touch screens or normal TVs with an IR touch frame can work.

Please take a look at this page for a comparison between the Material Plane sensor and touch screen.



Software Versions & Module Incompatibilities

Foundry VTT: v10 & v11
Module Incompatibilities: When moving tokens, Foundry's click and drag system is bypassed. So modules that depend on that functionality might not work.


If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, feel free to contact me on Discord (Cris#6864), or send me an email:


Author: Cristian Deenen (Cris#6864 on Discord)

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